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•    A 55-minute anti-bullying musical recommended for grades 2-8

•    Performed entirely by kids!

•    Provides a centerpiece for your character education program

•    Themes include peer pressure, being true to yourself and standing up for what you believe in

•   Helps students see the dangers of bullying, teasing, cliques and hazing

•    Includes a post-show Q&A with our adult facilitator, the cast and your students

This show is available for school assemblies and private bookings. Relates to New York’s Core Curriculum Content Standards for Arts 1,3, 4; English Language Arts 1,2,3; Social Studies 5.  Relates to New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards 1.1, 1.5, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 6.2 and Cross Content Workplace Readiness Standards 3 and 4.

"The New Kid" teaches - Kids learn from other kids. There is something about watching peers dramatize and resolve problems that make more of an impact on a child than any lecture a "grown-up" could ever give. "The New Kid" was developed through interviews and acting improvisations with real kids, so the language and the lessons are surprisingly effective.

"The New Kid" entertains - Unforgettable characters, catchy songs, playful choreography and a cast of top-notch child actors make "The New Kid" an entertainment experience unlike any other. Students in the audience will be inspired and amazed by the vocal and acting abilities of our cast, while the familiarity of the subject matter will make it all feel "close to home."

"The New Kid" makes a difference – "The New Kid" deals with social issues and basic human lessons that strive to assist children in their own personal development and guide them toward healthy interaction with their peers.



Now available for the 2012-2013 school year.
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phone: 212-956-2566

Info and Rates

Show runs approximately 1hr and is performed entirely by children.  Performance can be followed by a talk-back, Q&A or autograph signing with your students.  RFKT brings the actors, costumes, music and sound. You provide us with a stage, auditorium or other open playing area.  You may have as many children as you'd like attend!  The cost is $875 for a single performance, $1650 for two performances on different days at the same location (save $100!), or $1550 for two performances on the same day at the same location (save $200!).

Please note: We gladly accept BOCES.







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The New Kid" performance was entertaining and instructional. The students were transfixed by the school age actors and their lively performances. The program addressed very pertinent issues regarding bullying and is in direct support of our school efforts to advance social/emotional learning and positive behaviors in our students.
Barbara Simitian Laudicina, Principal of Stillman Elementary School

"It was positive to have actors in the production that were the ages of true middle school students. It made things more convincing. The teachers have found the study guide very helpful in encouraging classroom discussion and writing activities."
Allyson Hickey, VP of Cultural Programming at St. Joseph’s Middle School

The kids absolutely LOVED the show - as did the teachers.  Even the principal said that she doesn't remember having as much positive feedback from the teachers on any other assembly.  The fact that the message was for kids, about kids, and from kids is what really resonated.  The kids could really relate to the performers and the teachers said that the show provided a spring board for further conversations in the classroom.  Thanks for providing such a wonderful show.
Mary Rubini, Assemblies Coordinator, Pequenakonck Elementary School

"Random Farms is an awesome performing group.  The kids who performed “The New Kid” were talented, professional and sang harmony beautifully.  The message on bullying was timely and well done.  As I walked through the hallways that day, the children stopped me and told me how great the play was and asked when they could come back again.  I’ve never seen this in my career as a principal.  The staff loved it, too.  WOW!"
Elaine Desimone, Principal of Furnace Woods School

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New Kid 2013 Cast A  New Kid 2013 Cast B

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